The form below is used to register for an SGIP Applicant account, which is required to submit a reservation request for an SGIP incentive. The SGIP Applicant account is only used to submit applications to the SGIP application portal and is separate from a Developer account. Each application must be assigned to a Developer, which can be applied for here. Upon submission of this form, SGIP support staff will review your information during normal business hours and contact you with any additional questions if necessary. You will be notified via email once an account has been created for you. Please allow one to two business days for account registration.

You may register for an SGIP Applicant account if:

  • You are an individual homeowner that will be managing your own application without the assistance of a third party or company. If a third party or company will be managing an application on your behalf, you do not need an SGIP Applicant account. Please contact your Applicant Company for status updates of your reservation request.
  • You will be managing SGIP applications on behalf of your customers, and are the first person of your company or household to register for an account. If your company or household has already registered for an account, they will have Admin permissions and can generate an account for you via the account settings.

When registering, please provide the street address for the Applicant Company. You may add Host Customer information for each individual project once you have an account.

1. Company Profile Details

2. Account Admin Details