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Developer Eligibility and Registration Instructions

A Developer is the corporate entity that holds the contract for purchase and installation of the system, and/or alternative System Ownership Agreement (such as a Power Purchase Agreement) with the host customer and handles the project’s development activities. The Developer must fully disclose their participation in developing the project and/or ownership in the project, or that of a combination of affiliated installers/developers. The customer contract will be verified at Proof of Project Milestone to confirm the Developer’s representations. When applicable, the Developer cap will apply to the aggregate of the projects for Developers under the same parent company.

Note: Homeowners who purchase equipment directly and plan to self-install, rather than contracting with a developer company, will need to apply as their own project developer using this form.

Only Applicants have the ability to submit SGIP applications through the Online Portal. Each application must be associated with a Developer, and only a single Developer may be designated per application. Any single Developer is limited to 20% of the SGIP incentive funding for a given budget category in each statewide incentive step. Applicants may not submit applications for Developers in excess of the statewide Developer cap for the active step, and Program Administrators shall not issue conditional reservations to projects by a Developer that has already applied for reservations in a given step that exceed 20%. The Developer cap will be calculated separately for generation projects, large scale energy storage projects and small residential energy storage projects. The Developer cap will be established by budget step and posted prior to program opening. The Developer cap will remain fixed for each budget step once the step is opened even if total available funds change.

Your application will be evaluated by SGIP Program Administrators to determine eligibility. Once your company is approved, a unique Developer Key will be emailed to you. Applicants will need to provide this key in order to submit an application designating your company as the Developer. Only share your Developer Key with Applicants who you trust and you have chosen to partner with. SGIP will not share this key with anyone other than the contact person designated in this form.

Entities interested in becoming an approved SGIP Developer must submit the Developer Eligibility Application to the Program Administrators.

Please download the Developer Eligibility Application here:

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Program Administrators

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
(877) 743-4112

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Center for Sustainable Energy
(858) 244-1177

Center for Sustainable Energy California

Southern California Edison
(626) 302-0610

Southern California Edison